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man, there's really not that much to update about today...i'll try and see if i can be random and make it interesting.

let's see...this morning..i woke up. (wow.) it was about 11:30am, which is pretty good for me during the summer. got a bowl of cereal and checked my e-mail, etc. no one was online, so i got offline and went into the living room and did something. i can't really remember what.

yeah, so far, i've been distracted atleast 4 times from updating...i wonder if i have ADD?

wow, it's figures after i said that i'd go do something else. i just downloaded AIM+...but i don't really have a reason to. all the people i talk to online have the sn i use now anyway, so yeah...i've been thinking of getting a new one, but i dunno. i wanna think of a cool one, but i'm not good at that stuff.

for some reason i just remembered something from surfing lessons. lol it was pretty funny. abby had a hold of me and my board and she was gonna give me a boost when a wave came by (since none of us knew how to paddle into waves yet, you know). anyways, a group of girls came into the water kinda off to our left a little and abby says "here, i'm gonna aim you at these girls and maybe you can get a date." it was really funny and made me think "well, i didn't even have to say anything about not having a girlfriend. i guess i just have "I'M SINGLE!!!" written on my forehead."

honestly, there were a couple of girls there i wish i would've talked to. you know how when you walk by someone you're attracted to in the mall or whatever and you look back to see if they look back at you? it was kinda like that at the beach...oh well.

i called Katie-Lynn today. our school is getting a new band director and one of the school secretaries called a few of my friends to come in and help interview three band directors that are interested in taking the spot. i'm so jealous. i really wish i could've been home, i might've been called to go and help interview. :( oh well. anyways, Katie-Lynn was called and she's gonna go and i talked to her about that for a while. she wanted me to help her think of some questions to ask, but i wasn't much help. we ended up talking for a couple of hours about stuff from band to friends to memories to next year (a Senior...i still can't believe it's already that time) to college and careers. it was a really cool conversation. i'm glad i have friends like her to talk to about stuff like that. really made me wanna go home. :( i miss all of my friends, but i think a lot of them will be gone on trips by the time i get back, which sucks. either way, i'll be going to Atlanta for a drum corps show the friday after i get back, which doesn't suck. i'm getting really excited. i hope my ticket gets home soon.

sky, you got me hooked on this song. i downloaded it and recognized it when i started listening to it. i also downloaded This Bitter Pill. i used to have this song, but i cleared all of my mp3s a long time ago and never downloaded it again. it's really sad...his voice cracks a lot towards the end like he's starting to cry. :(

i think i'm gonna make a CD before i leave with some songs that'll remind me of being here. i really like Florida...i'm definitely gonna miss it when i leave.

i just wish i KNEW PEOPLE HERE!!! every day i struggle to find something to keep my mind occupied. it's getting kinda hard. :(

well, that's about it...this is actually one of my longer entries and it's completely random. maybe i should do this more often.

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