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Sea World and Blockbuster (what a pair)

today was Sea World! and it was pretty cool. all of the dolphins and manatees had marks all over themselves though, i felt so bad for them. i didn't get to touch anything, which was pretty disappointing, but i hadn't really thought about it until now. i could've touched a dolphin or a sting ray i guess, but that's fine. oh man, the sting ray tank smelled SO. BAD. it was disgusting. we walked by it like 5 times too, i thought i was gonna get sick. we washed the whole Shamu thing, which was pretty cool. everyone got wet but, of course, the people around us. which sucked. it had to be atleast 90 degrees all day. we also got to see a whole bunch of penguins. ha, there were so cool. my favorite part though, by far, was Kraken. it was one of the best rollercoaster's i've ever been on. i don't understand why it's not in Islands of Adventure though with the Atlantis/Poseidon area, though. it seems like it'd be more fitting there. but either way, it was awesome. it wasn't all that short either, and it seemed to go a lot faster than most rollercoasters. the first drop was one of the better ones i've experienced.

after we got home, my step-mom really wanted to see a movie, so i went to Blockbuster and rented Big Fish. i don't know much about it or whether it's good or not, so i guess i'll have to wait and find out when i watch it tonight. i also rented Need for Speed: Underground (FINALLY!). they actually had it this time. when i went up to the counter, the guy started freaking out and asking me where i was at in Underground mode and what kind of car i was racing with, etc. then another guy in the back joined in and started talking about his "fully-loaded" Mitsubishi Eclipse and the like. then a customer started talking about a completely different game and the guys behind the counter looked at him like they were thinking "Dude...that game sucks."

and yeah, that's my day so far. i got up at 8:30am and we didn't leave until around 10:30am, which was almost 3 hours later than we were shooting for. but it all worked out well in the end. we were definitely ready to come home.

i'll probably update after Big Fish. it was nominated for an Academy Award for "Best Original Score" so the music must be really good. that's a plus!

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