namelessquidam (namelessquidam) wrote,

kinda interesting

i thought this was pretty cool. (don't feel bad if you're name is low on the list, a comment is a comment! :D)

Top Commenters on namelessquidam's LiveJournal
1namelessquidam31 31
2playwiithme18 18
3cagarron11 11
4goudeif6 6
5skyinghigh5 5
6apljuice4myfrnd4 4
7nikki_wright4 4
8celefoo_opez2 2
9overlays2 2
10eyesclosedkiss2 2
11lightswitch232 2
12Anonymous1 1
13__bleeder1 1
14forever_ending1 1
15it_cannot_be1 1

Total Commenters: 15
Total Comments: 91

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haha dude im 2nd =)
haha yup

but i'm first :P
thats ok

im still amazing
i suck
lol it's just because that you haven't been reading my journal that long.

i might do this again after a while and see if anything changes. i wanna see someone take my spot. :P
i figured this would be a good start to working my way up to the top of the list lol.
haha awesome.

like i said, i'm waiting for someone to take my spot so bring it on! :P