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surfing lessons and soreness (take 2)

well, i was in the middle of updating this and started zoning out or something, so i started doing other stuff on this browser and i lost what all i had typed. :( so i'll try again. it'll be more brief this time.

woke up about 8:00am to go to surfing lessons and we got there around 9:15. no one was at the pavilion yet, but a few minutes later the instructor's got there, John and Abby. they were really cool and were really patient with everyone, so that was good. there were only a few people with the whole lesson, but no one really around my age. well, i mean, there were a lot of girls my age at the beach, but yeah, that's completely different. :P

so we practiced pop-ups today, which is timing when you need to actually get up from laying down on your board to ride the waves. it's so much harder than i was expecting it to be. but it was still a lot of fun. Abby mentioned how people are usually exhausted before the end of the lesson, but i was fine the whole time.

then i got home...after i got a shower and put some lotion on a couple of burns, i went straight to bed for like...4 hours. haha. i was really tired and now i'm kinda sore in some places, but i'm pretty good. i'd definitely be dead if i went again for a lesson tomorrow, so i'm gonna hold up and wait until Tuesday again. i know i definitely wanna go again, but it depends on if my dad decides to just buy a beat up long board so we can all go whenever. it'd save money...but i really don't know all of the basics yet, which i'd probably learn in just one lesson. i caught on pretty quick, so if it's just me or two other people, i might be able to move on to tougher stuff after lunch break or something. i don't know. either way, i'll still be having fun and hey, it's the beach. you can't complain.

but yeah, i definitely had a ton of fun. i'm really glad i went. surfing is definitely something you can get addicted to, seriously. it's crazy to think how John and Abby give lessons every. day. how awesome would that be?

been kinda thinking today...which is fine. i like thinking about stuff, but sometimes it gets a person down, you know? but hey, that's how you grow as a person, i guess...

This may be the last time that I write for long.
Can you hear me smiling when I sing this song...for you...
And only you...

Will need me now?
You'll find a way somehow...
You want it, too...
I want it, too...

the two best parts of the song. awesome.
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