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info II

here's some survey thing i got from someone on my friend's list.


First grade teacher's name: Mrs. Hilliard

Last word you said: *thinks* this. i think?

Last song you sang: I'm Feeling This - Blink 182

Last person you hugged: my little sister

Last thing you laughed at: a line from The Chronicles of Riddick.

Last time you cried: leaving my friend's house the day before i left for my dad's.

What's in your CD player: a mixed CD of Sugarcult/Yellowcard/Story of the Year/The Ataris

What color socks are you wearing: none, i'm barefoot.

What's under your bed: *looks* nothing except a string hanging from my bed and some carpet.

What time did you wake up today: about 11:00am i believe, cuz we were gonna go to the beach, but it got cloudy. :(

Current taste: ummm, nothing right now.

Current hair: like my LJ picture thing, only dry, not wet.

Current clothes: my shirt from The Varsity, GAP boxers, awesome pair of Arizona Jeans (they look expensive, but they weren't!)

Current annoyance:, i guess i'd have to say either some bad habits or not being able to think of an answer to this question.

Current longing: my friends/a girl i can call my own(not property wise...bah, you know what i mean)

Current desktop picture: my dad's computer is just a blank black background, but mine at home is of a guy breaking out of captivity. kinda hard to explain, i'd have to show you.

Current worry: a couple of things really. 1) will i like surfing lessons and if i do, do i want to let my dad spend the money for me to go more than once? 2) is my Kennesaw ticket gonna be sent to my house or my dad's, and if to my dad's, will it get from there to my house on time?

Current favorite article of clothing: ummm...either my board shorts, "i heart sloths" shirt, or my really worn shorts with the rips and holes.

Favorite physical feature of the opposite sex: it's a toss up between eyes and hair. eyes because i always get chills making eye contact with girls with nice eyes and hair because it's nice to run your hands through. *sigh* i miss that...:(

Last CD that you listened to: either my mixed CD or MxPx - Before & Everything After

Favorite place to be: though Sam's answer of "in any loving embrace" was really good, i'd have to say hanging out with my friends is mine

Least favorite place: alone. i'm sure it's most everyone's.

Time you wake up in the morning: anywhere from 10:00am - 12:30pm usually. during the summer/weekend anyway.

If you could play any instrument, what would it be: a few actually, namely the Violin/Cello/Bass, or the Drumset/Guitar.

Favorite color: ice blue or white. both of them together are awesome.

Do you believe in afterlife: yes

How tall are you: i think around 5'8"-5'9"

Current favorite word/saying: i'm stealing Dusty's of either "You win some, you lose some." or "The bad things in life make the good things better."

Favorite book: ummm..i really like The Lord of the Rings books and Harry Potter, but i don't really have a favorite.

Favorite season: Winter and Summer. i love them both.

One person from your past you wish you could go back and talk to: probably one of my friends that i lost touch with from Alaska.

Favorite day: i really like Fridays and Saturdays


Where do you want to go: i've always wanted to go to Australia, but i'd like a cruise or a road trip too.

What is your career going to be like: awesome, i think. Aerospace Engineering seems really cool.

How many kids do you want: not really sure about that one. i'd like to have a girl, but i'd also like to have a boy. so i guess two?

What kind of car will you have: i really like Mazda RX-8s, so hopefully one of those.

:+:have you ever... :+:

Said "i love you" and meant it? everytime i say i love you, i mean it. no exceptions.

Gotten in a fight w/ your dog/cat/bird/fish, etc? no.

Been to New York? no, but it'd be fun

Been to Florida? yeah, i'm in Florida right now, but even before now, i've been to Ft. Walton Beach, Daytona Beach, and Orlando.

San Diego, Cali? no.

Hawaii? i wish, my sister's going there this summer.

Mexico? uhhhh, no.

China? nope.

Canada? nah.

Dreamed something really crazy and then it happened the next day? nothing really, but i have De Ja Vu sometimes.

Wanted to be the opposite sex and get periods? i'm very happy to be a guy when it comes to this, trust me. i'd never have it any other way.

Had an imaginary friend? no, not that i know of.

:+: random :+:

Do you have a crush on someone? :( i wish...

What book are you reading now? The Iliad by Homer

Worst feeling in the world? either being alone or knowing that your friends are unhappy

What is the first thing you think when you wake in the morning? "what time is it?"

How many rings before you answer? however many rings before the caller ID says who it is.

Future daughter's name: i haven't really thought about this...hmmm...i want an original name. something cool. my friend knows a girl named Sabra, which is pretty cool to me.

Future son's name: not to copy you Sam, but when i read Genesis and saw Asher, i thought it was a really cool name.

Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? nope...sometimes, i sleep hugging a pillow though. does that count?

If you could have any job you wanted, what would it be? a job that i could go to everyday and never get tired of. i think Aerospace Engineering would be like that.

Are you a lefty, righty or ambidextrous? righty, exclusively.

College plans: if i get in, i'm gonna do the 5-year BS/MS option at Georgia Tech for Aerospace Engineering.

Piercings: none and i doubt i'll get anything pierced.

:+: the extra stuff :+:

Do you do drugs? nope, never will unless their prescription.

Do you drink? water, sweet tea, orange juice, lemonade, milk...get it?

Who is your best friend? i don't just one best friend, i have a ton of them, but i'm usually found hanging out with Dusty.

What kind of Shampoo and Conditioner do you use? honestly, whatever's in the shower. but that Garnier stuff is cool, it smells really good.

What are you most scared of? being alone, whether i'm being a good Christian example, that sort of stuff.

What clothes do you sleep in? hmmm...sometimes just boxers, sometimes boxers and shorts, sometimes boxers and my ragged sleeping pants, sometimes one of the previous and shirt. but always ATLEAST boxers.

Who is the last person that called you? Lou Maresca, world-famous surfing instructor (really, he did) and before that, my old trumpet instructor Jared.

Where do you want to get married? wherever my wife wants to get married, i suppose.

If you could change anything about yourself what would that be? some things from my past..some past decisions (or lack thereof) on some things. that's about it.

Who do you really hate? really hate? nothing. dislike? i really don't know until it comes across me. i'm not one for grudges or anything really. i guess i dislike hypocracy and lying, but i've done both, so it doesn't really mean much i guess. OH, i REALLY DISLIKE guys mistreating girls. ugh, that makes me so mad.

Favorite number: my lucky number is 3, so i guess 3.

Been In Love: hard to say sometimes...somedays i think i have, some days i don't think so.

Are you Timely Or Always Late? unfortunately, i'm late a lot of the time. but always fashionably.

Do You Have A Job? Job? yeah, i bag groceries for $5.75 an hour. not bad for starting pay.

Do You Like Being Around People? of course, i'm happiest around people.

Best feeling in the world: laughing with my friends, being with a girl i really like.

Are you for world peace? i don't'll never happen, i know that much. not in this world, anyway.

Do You Have A "Type" Of Person You Always Go After? girls that like to have fun with a guy that will make them happy. it's so strange, girls say that they want a guy that they can have fun with and make them happy, but i've found so few. where are they all?

Want Someone You Don't Have Right Now? oh yeah. and you know what sucks the most? i have no idea who that someone is.

Are You Lonely Right Now? with the last couple of questions and the fact that i can't hang out with my friends and the song i'm listening to, yeah...i kind of am. :-/

Ever Afraid You'll Never Get Married? not really, no. i'll find someone. i just have to be patient...

:+: in the last 24 hours, have you :+:

Cried: nope

Gotten Sick: nope

Sang: just a second ago in the bathroom.

Said I Love You: yeah, saying goodnight to my dad

Wanted To Tell Someone You Loved them: of course.

Met Someone New: yeah, last night online.

Moved On: ummm...? i don't really know what this question is asking.

Talked To Someone: yup

Had A Serious Talk: yup, one yesterday, one today. and semi-one last night.

Missed Someone: wow yes.

Hugged Someone: yeah, my little sister.

Kissed Someone: nope

Fought With Your Parents: no

Dreamed About Someone You Can't Be With: not dream, no. thought about, yes.

Had a lot of sleep: i had about 10 hours last night, which isn't half bad. tonight'll be a few less. i need to be at Pavilion #2 at 9:20am for surfing lessons. (AHHHHH!)

and that's it...i started this at...8:04pm. wow, it's 9:46 now. that took forever.
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