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well, not a lot happened today...i mean, it kinda did, but anyway.

i saw Shrek 2. it was really funny in some parts. i guess i liked it a little more than i liked the first one, which is good. sequels usually SUCK.

and i finished The Last Samurai a few minutes ago. the ending is really sad. :( but it was an incredibly awesome movie. i wish i could see more good movies like that all the time. it was kind of bloody in some parts, kinda like Troy, but it was completely bearable.

tomorrow is Sea World. AHH! i don't know what to think really, i hope it's not way geared towards younger kids. i still think it'll be fun though.

oh, before i came to my dad's, he said that there was an article in the paper about taking surfing lessons in Ft. Myers. we called the place and 1 lesson is $130. 130. Dollars. yikes. my dad said i could still go though, so i think i might. he even said i could do the whole training thing, which is 5 lessons for $500. 500. Dollars. holy cow. i don't think i'm gonna do all 5 though. i think one is good enough for now, and if i decide i really like it, i'll see about going another time or two. i just wish it weren't so much money. :( i guess it doesn't really matter since i'm not paying for it, but still...i don't want my dad to spend a lot of money on me. not really sure why, but i just don't. anyways, the lessons are from 9:30am until 2:00/2:30pm. really long lessons.

ummm...that's about it, i guess. we have to leave at 8:00am tomorrow morning, so i might go to bed soon. i dunno.

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